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The UK’s Best Temporary Fencing for Dogs in 2022 – Temporary Fences Pricing & More

This is a review of the finest temporary dog fencing in 2022.

There are numerous reasons why you might require a temporary fences to keep your dog contained for a short length of time. You may require a dog fence outside in the backyard or indoors, possibly if you have guests, are performing building work or your dog is having puppies.

A cheap dog fence will keep Fido from digging up the garden, which is useful if your dog has had surgery or you are visiting someone who does not have an enclosed garden. A portable dog run or a dog playpen is also perfect for vacations.

There are numerous dog fence alternatives to choose from. What size fence or garden fencing is best for you and your dog? Will you use it as an exercise pen in the yard or indoors? Which shape do you prefer? Will your pet be able to escape? Is it necessary to use a large exercise pen or a tiny barrier to keep your pet in a certain section of the garden?

In this article, I’ll look at eight of the best dog fence options on the market right now. I’ve also put together a quick buying guide to help you figure out what to look for when comparing options.

We will look at the following dog fence products in this guide:

Our Best Temporary Fences for Dogs

So far, we’ve discussed why dog fence might be useful. It’s time to have a look at the top options for your pet that I’ve compiled for this guide.

There are indoor pens with a door for convenient access, outdoor pens that are best used in your yard, and inexpensive dog fences that can be built in a variety of configurations.

I’ve provided links to Amazon where you may learn more about these options. Whether you need an interior animal barrier or a huge outdoor exercise pen with a door, we’ve investigated dozens of goods so you can choose the best for your pet’s needs, and I’ve also been fair enough to sort pros and drawbacks.

Bettacare Premium Dog Fence

This handy dog fence is an excellent alternative for establishing stair barriers or tiny, three-sided cages for small to medium dogs and may be slanted to your individual needs.

It’s made of powder-coated steel, which makes it extremely sturdy. It’s less temporary than the other movable fences on this list because it will need to be repaired, but it’s simple to erect and may be used to keep your yard or home at a safe height.


Dog owners like the sturdy build.

Fence that can be expanded with the addition of new components

Simple installation and operation with a single hand


Cannot be left unattended

>> Check Amazon’s Price

Flexipanel Foldable Dog Gate

If you know your dog will need to be enclosed both inside and outside, the Flexipanel dog fence is a perfect option. It’s a terrific size at a metre tall, extremely easy to set up, and highly flexible, folding down and up to make storage easy.

The panels are very easy to put together and will provide dogs with plenty of space and opportunity to see where you’ve gone! Built from metal and covered with plastic, this is a tough and sturdy alternative that will likely work well with a wide range of breeds, including ones who are known to be quite destructive!


There are several sizes available.

A tall enough dog fence to keep even the most determined jumpers at bay.

With no posts, it is extremely simple to install and store.


a touch more pricey than the majority

>> Check Amazon’s Price

Simply Shield Fencing Mesh

This wonderful pen accessory is one of the most visually appealing options available on the internet. It’s been lovingly constructed and is suited for heavy-duty rough and tumble, so it’s likely to do more for you than your typical, flimsy low-cost dog fences

This wall is designed for little dogs, however there is a larger size available. It’s ideal for indoor use thanks to features like protective feet, and it’s also simple to pack up and unfold as needed. There’s also a door built in, so you can allow your dog in and out as needed.


Some of the most attractive dog fences available for a reasonable price

Keep your dog or other animals in a safe place.

Can be easily changed to create distinct areas


Because of the materials, it is not suitable for outdoor use.

>> Check Amazon’s Price

Metal Pawhut Puppy Playpen

Why invest solely in a movable fence? If you truly want to make something special for your pet, it might be worth investing in a full pet playpen. This system includes eight separate panels, one with a door, that can be slotted together to form three different shapes. It’s also quite simple to pack and travel.

This product also works well for a number of pets, so if you have a rabbit or guinea pig that needs an outdoor run, this provides a lot of durability and versatility. This is more than just a dog fence; it’s a full-length enclosure that’s always simple to set up and take down when you’re done.


A low-cost solution for a pet exercise pen

A two-bolt latching system that is safe and secure.

Simple to assemble There are no tools required for assembly.


It’s quite hefty to move.

>> Check Amazon’s Price

AmazonBasics Foldable Exercise Pen

This bare-bones foldable dog pen will certainly appeal to you if you’re seeking for the cheapest option to contain your pets. While it only provides the fundamentals of dog fencing ideas, it is a low-cost temporary fence for dogs that will keep your dog safely confined.

This unit comes with ground anchors and eight panels in total, allowing you to quickly put together your own dog fence and boundary. It’s also movable, making it a perfect fence for use both inside and outside.


Ideal for smaller animals (bigger sizes available)

One of the most affordable portable dog fences available online.

Lightweight and collapsible for portability


Perhaps not the most durable of pet fences.

>> Check Amazon’s Price

UNDERDOG Extra Heavy Duty Puppy Play Pen

This durable extra tall playpen, made of high-quality metal panels, may be used indoors or outdoors and is the ideal solution if you have a litter of puppies that needs to be contained. It’s simple to set up and install, and it comes in a variety of shape configurations.

Pens provide protection and a safe environment for your pets or other animals to play; you can even add extra fence panels to expand the space. When not in use, this excellent exercise pen folds and stores easily.


This low-cost dog fence does not necessitate the use of any tools.

Strong and well-made

Large enough for the majority of dogs


According to several assessments, if pressed, the joints may move.

>> Check Amazon’s Price

Costoffs Heavy Duty Puppy Play Pen

This 12-panel exercise pen with a door is ideal for many small dogs or puppy litters on a lawn or indoors. It could be folded flat for storage and reduced to 6 panels if you wanted to take it on vacation. It offers simple access and is made of strong sprayed iron, which will keep your dog secure.

Because there are no sharp edges and the panels are 60cm high, it may not be suited for larger dogs who can easily jump over it, but it is one of our favorite dog fences for tiny animals.


Very versatile – supplied in two packs, allowing you to use 6 or 12 panels.

Excellent for pups and tiny pets.

Metal structure that is sturdy


Only 60cm tall

>> Check Amazon’s Price

Why Should I Buy a Dog Fence?

Purchasing dog fences or a fencing kit is all about keeping your pet safe, and there are numerous reasons why a portable dog fence or playpen may be useful.

9 Reasons For Dog Fences

1) Potty Training is one of the nine reasons for dog fences.

If you are attempting to potty train a puppy, you may want to build up a small pet fencing area indoors to help them understand boundaries. Many pet parents use cages to housebreak puppies since they don’t do their business where they sleep or eat; however, these items are usually larger, so it’s necessary to rely on other components of housebreaking, such as monitoring for indicators and sticking to a routine, as well.

2) Adopting a new pet

So you’ve received a new puppy or kitten and aren’t sure how things will go? You may have even came across a stray dog and are hesitant to bring them home for fear that your own pet would not greet them with open arms. With a dog fence, you may introduce new pals without fear of a fight and help them get acquainted to each other while feeling safe.

3) Taking your pet on a trip

More people than ever are taking their pets on vacation with them, whether to a vacation cottage, camping, or even hotels, and portable fencing is great. Most fold flat and are portable, allowing you to carry them with you and give a secure haven for your four-legged friend no matter where you are. For example, there could be a swimming pool, wildlife, dangerous plants, or the outdoor space could be partially or completely enclosed.

4) Gardening containment

Not all gardens are dog-friendly, and there are numerous hazards for our canine companions, such as ponds and poisonous plants, so having a cheap dog fence or portable fencing will keep them safe if you are not present to watch. Not only that, but some dogs enjoy ruining flower beds when you’re not looking, so keeping them on the grass will keep them from digging up your Petunias.

5) Moving house

Moving is stressful for both dogs and owners; there is stuff and boxes everywhere, doors are left open, and your new garden may not be enclosed. A dog fence or an indoor kennel is the solution. This will give you piece of mind with all the comings and goings knowing your dog is protected, help him feel more confident in his new home, and eliminate any escape plans. This is a far better choice than placing them in a dog kennel for the day.

6) Bringing your dog to work.

Not only are more of us taking our dogs on vacation, but more of us are now bringing them to work. While this is fine if your dog is well-trained and sits alongside you or under the desk, if you have a young dog who likes to explore or dashes out the door every time it opens, a tiny dog fence could be a perfect alternative for keeping Fido contained for a few hours.

7) After surgery

Some dogs are always on the go or have doggie buddies with whom they enjoy to wrestle and play. However, if they’ve recently had surgery, this isn’t always the ideal option. An outdoor fence or pen will keep them away from their playmates or other animals, reducing the possibility of setbacks or mishaps. Temporary fences is also beneficial if you have a female dog in heat, but the panels must be pretty high to prevent any impassioned males from getting ideas and jumping over. In this section, we cover the workout requirements for females in heat.

8) When visitors arrive

I know it’s difficult to imagine, but not everyone likes dogs, and some pooches can be really over-excited when guests arrive; a tiny contained pen or barrier will keep Fido under control, so no jumping up, etc., but he’ll still be in the same room and won’t feel excluded. It will also safeguard frightened pets from being prodded and hoisted by children who come to visit.

9) Puppies

If you intend to breed your pet, having the best portable dog fences is a requirement. It will provide pups with a safe place to play as they develop, while also providing you peace of mind that they are not getting into everything, eating your furniture, or urinating all over the house because it is DIY dog proof. It also keeps them safe and secure, allowing you to keep an eye on them at all times.

What Should I Look for When buying a Temporary Dog Fencing?

When purchasing a dog fence for the first time, there are a few things to keep in mind. A chain-link fence may appeal to you, or a simple folding fence system with portions of varying widths may be more practical.

Regardless, you must consider your dog’s safety first and foremost, as well as if your dog will attempt to jump over the fence. Set up a fence that keeps them safely enclosed but yet allowing them to see and hear you if necessary.

Of course, you should seek for dog fences that are high enough to avoid leaps over the top! As a result, there are many concepts and items available for larger animals, for example.

Consider fence systems that can be easily repaired using zip ties, for example, as well as ones that can be folded up and transported somewhere. You should also consider the size of the area your fence will cover — your dog will need lots of space to run about in!


How Can I Keep My Dog In The Yard If I Don’t Have A Fence?

If your yard isn’t fenced, an exercise pen, dog fences, or a dog run are the best ways to keep your dog in check. You may buy them online or in stores, or if you’re feeling very daring, you could try making your own.

What Is the Best Fencing for Dogs?

Dog fences come in a variety of materials, including wood, metal, and wire mesh. It depends on your needs; heavy-duty metal pens are ideal for semi-permanent outside dog fences, whilst plastic and fabric pens are excellent for interior use. Make certain that there are no spaces where paws could become entangled and that your pet cannot jump out and escape.

What Can I Use For A Temporary Dog Fence?

A folding panel option is always handy to have for emergencies, or if you’re handy with a hammer, then DIY dog fences may be the way to go; you can use mesh or panels and secure them into the ground with stakes, or fence off a corner with galvanised wire panels to create a safe exercise pen in your yard.


If you’re on the fence – pun intended – about choosing a dependable enclosure or boundary for your pet, there are a plethora of dog fences available to assist put your mind at ease.

You may not realize you require a dog fence until the need comes; but, it makes sound financial sense to invest in a flexible, temporary barrier or enclosure to keep your dog safe. The Bettacare Premium Pet Barrier is the best portable dog fence in our opinion because it is tall enough to prevent dogs from jumping and is readily transferrable.

Whether inside or outdoors, the fencing I’ve looked at here are the best options for keeping pups of all sizes safe and secure. If you’re anything like me, you’ll want to spend as much time as possible with your puppy. However, you will need them to keep themselves occupied from time to time – why not start with some nice fencing or a pen from the list above?