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Maremma Sheepdog vs the Great Pyrenees: A Comparison & Differences

Some people prefer breeds that are adorable, affectionate, playful, and gentle with their owners and children when looking for a family dog.

Others desire threatening protectors who will frighten any impostor while protecting the family and property.

You can get both with some breeds.

Maremma Sheepdogs and Great Pyrenees are bold breeds whose sheer presence is frequently enough to dissuade intruders.

For generations, each of these classic breeds has guarded cattle.

Their responsibilities even compelled them to confront deadly wild animals such as wolves and bears.

On the other hand, these dogs can be classified as gentle giants since they are incredibly devoted, kind, and careful with their owners and families.

While they share many characteristics, I’ll compare Maremma Sheepdog vs Great Pyrenees to see what the distinctions are and which one may be more suited to specific owners.


Maremma Sheepdog – Dog Breed Facts

Maremma Sheepdogs are an ancient Italian breed with origins dating back over 2,000 years.

These canines, also known as Cane de Pastore Maremmano-Abruzzese, were bred in the central Italian areas to defend livestock from wolves, bears, and wild dogs.

Maremma sheepdogs can be incredibly friendly and affectionate and have a strong protective sense despite being described as wolf killers.


Maremma Sheepdogs are a huge breed with a harsh appearance resembling polar bears.

They have a muscular physique and are slightly taller than they are tall.

One of the most distinguishing characteristics is their long and wavy double coat, which provides all-weather protection.

The hair is coarse and dense, especially around the neck, but shorter around the ears and face.

The dominating color is pure white, with occasional cream or pale yellow flashes.

The head is enormous, with a powerful jaw and big fangs. The nose is normally black, and the eyes are usually brown.

Maremma’s ears are floppy, triangular, and medium in length. The tail is bushy and low set.

Adult men range in height from 25 to 29 inches (65-73 cm) and weight from 77 to 100 pounds (35-45 kg).

Females can reach a height of 25-29 inches (65-73 cm) and weigh 77-100 pounds (35-45 kg).


Maremma Sheepdogs have a long history of being dependable guard dogs. They are bold, self-reliant, loyal, and exceedingly protective.

Even though they are great at protecting, they are not particularly aggressive.

To ward against predators, they use their imposing presence, barking, and aggressive stance.

They like being part of a group and are highly sensitive and careful around children and other animals due to their strong pack mentality.

They take their responsibilities as guardians seriously and are incredibly devoted and patient.

They do, however, have an independent streak that necessitates early and thorough socialization and training.

To be obedient, the dog must regard the owner as a powerful and firm leader.

They are quite active and require a lot of exercises, as are most sheepdogs; thus, they may not be the greatest dogs for city living.

Maremmas prefer open environments and are best suited to farm life.

The Great Pyrenees – Dog Breed Information

This breed, which originated in the Pyrenees Mountains, has been assisting people in maintaining cattle for generations.

They have colossal height, are fearless, and have been known to engage in conflict with larger wild animals that endanger their flock.

They are naturally ready to put their lives on the line to protect those they love.


The first thing that strikes you about the Great Pyrenees is their massive size.

Despite their enormous size, they are extremely muscular and remarkably agile. The Great Pyrenees has a thick white double coat on its body.

The coat is especially thick around the neck, giving added protection from predators.

The long and thick hair might be straight or wavy depending on the individual dog.

In addition to full white, the coat might be cream or white with tan or gray areas. The muzzle is long, broad, and softly pointed with a black nose.

The brown eyes have soulful and intellectual expressions, and the ears are medium-sized and floppy.

Males range in height from 27 to 32 inches (69 to 81 cm) and weigh between 105 and 120 pounds (48-54 kg).

Females can reach a height of 25-29 inches (63-74 cm) and a weight of 97-120 (44-54 kg) when fully developed.


The Great Pyrenees is an extremely intelligent and strong-willed dog.

They were bred to care for animals alone; thus, they have a strong sense of independence.

Their stubbornness might be difficult while train them; therefore, it’s critical to begin training and socialization at a young age.

Despite their protective instincts, they have a very calm and friendly disposition.

Properly created Great Pyrenees is never aggressive or frightened, especially when he is with his family.

They are frequently used as therapy dogs due to their good manners and calm demeanor.

They are not as energetic as other shepherd breeds and are typically content to spend the day on the couch.

Even though they do not require much exercise, they prefer big expanses and are not well suited to apartments.

Maremma Sheepdog vs Great Pyrenees – What are the Differences?

Even though they both belong to larger breeds, the Great Pyrenees is the biggest of the two.

Nonetheless, neither is ideal for people who live in small apartments due to their size.

Furthermore, both have long white coats and shedding seasons.

Maremma’s grooming needs are a little higher, and they will need to be brushed at least twice a week.

Both breeds are quite laid back and don’t require a lot of activity, but the Maremma Sheepdog is more energetic and will become bored faster.

On the other hand, they have less of a wandering tendency and are less inclined to stray if left alone than the Great Pyrenees.

The key distinguishing feature of both breeds is their protectiveness.

While the Pyr is more likely to engage with imposters, both dogs prefer to deal with threats by making their presence known, barking, and assuming a threatening stance.


The Maremma Sheepdog and Great Pyrenees are sometimes mistaken despite being distinct breeds.

They do share many features, such as their large size, long white coat, and guardian background.

While both breeds are fierce protectors, they can adapt to family life and connect with family members.

They can live inside, but they like to have more space.

These gentle giants can be rebellious at times and have pretty high grooming requirements, but they’ll quickly become valued and indispensable family members if you bring them into your house.

Furthermore, your family’s safety is always ensured with a Maremma Sheepdog or a Great Pyrenees.