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How Strong Is a Pitbull’s Bite Force Exactly ? | How Powerful Is a Pitbull’s Jaw ?

How Strong Is a Pitbull’s Bite Force Exactly ? | How Powerful Is a Pitbull’s Jaw ?

Pitbulls are believed to be descended from bulldogs and terriers, while the breed’s origins are unknown. Despite the prevalent assumption that Pitbulls are an aggressive breed of dog, many people disagree with this assertion. 

There is no substantial evidence to support or refute these statements. Pitbulls are recognized for their vitality and power, and their bite.

The bite strength of the American Pitbull is 235 pounds per square inch. This is equivalent to a 120-pound human bite and a great white shark bite of 600 pounds. Their strong jaws will apply 300 pounds of pressure when they bite.

So let’s get started! This post will look at how powerful a Pitbull’s bite is and whether it can be lethal to the recipient. In addition, to better comprehend the Pitbull’s harm, we’ll conduct a rigorous analysis of its bite strength.

How Strong Is a Pitbull’s Bite Force?

The bite force of the American Pitbull is 235 pounds per square inch. This bite is said to be powerful enough to destroy a cow’s femur with a single bite.

How to Measure a Dog’s Bite Force?

The bite strength of a dog is measured in “pounds per square inch,” or psi. You may be familiar with psi as a method of gauging tire pressure. The average tire pressure is 32 pounds per square inch.

Psi is an approximation of the pressure exerted by a dog’s bite when it shuts its mouth on something.

While the American Pitbull has a powerful bite force (psi of 235), other dog breeds have a stronger biting force.

The biting force of a Pitbull is 235 psi, which is somewhat higher than that of a Doberman and slightly lower than that of a German Shepherd, which is 238 psi. As a result, they are the strongest canine in their size category right now.

What Affects a Bully’s Bite Force?


The size of a dog is usually proportional to the strength of its bite. Pitbulls are not renowned as enormous dogs (like St. Bernards), yet they are classified as a medium dog breed. American Pitbulls have the most powerful bite of any medium-sized dog breed.

An American Pit Bull can weigh anything from 30 to 90 pounds as an adult. They are a strong and robust breed. In reality, they are not only the strongest dog in the medium-size dog breed category, but they also have the strongest bite.

Pitbulls, the strongest dog breed for a medium-sized dog breed, are said to have murdered 284 humans in 13 years.

Head and jaw size

The amount of pressure a dog’s jaws can apply is proportional to the size of the dog’s head.

The American Pitbull has a huge broadhead that can grow to be up to 25 inches in length.


Originally, they were intended to guard and watch over cattle, as were many other canine breeds. This tells how they were created by crossing a bulldog with a terrier, resulting in a robust and agile animal that is athletic and muscular.

Pitbulls were used in sports such as bull-baiting and bear-baiting due to their aggressive and powerful bites.

Although these games are no longer available, they provide good illustrations of the Pitbull’s vicious history.

How Strong Is a Pitbull’s Jaw?

How Strong is a Pitbull’s Bite

Photo from : @urboyblade

Pitbulls have been developed with an enormous strong jaw due to their past as guarding and fighting dogs. This jaw is capable of delivering  the 235 psi bite force.

In addition to a powerful bite, the impact of the bite is enhanced by 2 factors.

  • Pitbulls inflicted more severe injuries than other breeds. They have a tendency to assault deep muscles, grip on, shake, and cause tissue ripping.

Hold and shake

When Bully bites into something, he holds it and shakes it. Because the dog is incredibly muscular, the hold, paired with a vigorous shake, intensifies the harm.

Don’t let go

One of the reasons Pitbulls are much more feared is their bites because they grip and hold on to their bite for an extended period of time.

As a result, many people have referred to this as a “built-in locking” mechanism.

However, it is a myth that Bullys have particular jaw locking skills.

How much do they hold to? Take a look at the slow-motion video of a 5-month-old Pitbull below.

Pitbulls, in actuality, lack any physiological component that permits them to keep their jaws in place. They have strong jaw muscles that allow them to hold a bite and resist any evasion attempts utilized by their prey.

One example of Pitbull’s tenacity occurred in Alton, where a Pitbull attacked a police officer.

The Pitbull was shot in order to free the cop from its tight hold. The Pitbull’s mouth remained clinched even after it died, which was astonishing. This was never witnessed in other dog breed assaults. This is why Pitbulls are known for their power and ferocity.

How do you make a Pitbull to release something from its jaw?

A break stick is the most effective device that has been proven to be effective thus far.

Every Pitbull owner should have a break stick on hand. This stick will come in help during unexpected attacks by people or other dogs.

If you’ve never discovered of a break stick, here’s one of the most popular brands on Amazon that was created exclusively for Pitbulls:

You may also use a less expensive alternative, such as a plastic stake/tent peg or nylon wood splitting wedge, as suggested by the Pitbull owner in the video below.

Can a Pitbull’s Bite Break Bones?

Because of the Pitbull’s proclivity to hold and shake its head, there is a high risk of bone and joint damage and flesh and tissue damage.

Remember that we’re talking about the bones of a fully grown adult here. If a Pitbull bites a child’s arm or an elderly person, the strength and force of its jaw are likely to destroy bones.

A Pitbull takes a lot of effort to snap an adult’s bone, and only when the bite incorporates violent and aggressive shaking. This is why there aren’t many Pitbull reports (or any dog) biting people and breaking or shattering their bones.

Can a Pitbull’s Bite Kill a Person?

A statistical study of fatal dog attacks in the United States over a 13-year period found that Pitbulls were responsible for 66% of the overall fatalities, with Rottweilers and German Shepherds coming in second and third.

Another study found that Pitbulls were involved in the deaths or maiming of 3,569 persons in the United States and Canada over a ten-year period. The majority of deaths during the attacks are the consequence of severe bleeding and brain trauma.

Given how powerful a Pitbull’s jaw bite can be, it’s no surprise that victims are rarely able to escape its jaw’s grip.

As a result, the only method for a victim to escape a Pitbull’s jaw grip is for a third person to intercede and break the jaw grip. If this does not occur, the victim will die from blood loss.

This is why, despite the fact that other dogs attack humans, Pitbulls are responsible for the majority of fatalities.

A break stick can also be used to break up a tug of war game between a Pitbull and another dog if the activity becomes too harsh.

What We’ve Learned So Far

The power and force of a Pitbull’s jaw and bite were examined in this study. Here’s a concise summary of the entire article:

How powerful is a Pitbull’s bite? 

Pitbulls have a bite force of 235 psi, making them the strongest dog in the medium-sized dog breed category.

How powerful is a Pitbulls jaw strength ?

Pitbulls have a strong and powerful jaw and an iron grip, allowing them to hold on to their prey for extended periods of time. However, as many people believe, they do not contain a particular ‘locking’ mechanism. When it comes to raw power, this breed is the indisputable ruler of the canine world, with a bite force of 235 psi.

A break stick is the most efficient way to free a victim from a pit bull’s bite.

Is it possible for a Pitbull’s bite to break bones?

The bite of a Pitbull can break an adult’s bones if it shakes its head vigorously when biting. Otherwise, its bite may cause harm to flesh and tissue but will not break bones.

Pitbulls are capable of killing people?

Yes. If the person does not flee, they may perish from blood loss.


The goal of this post was to make you aware of the Pitbull breed’s remarkable strength. The purpose of this article was not to persuade you that all Pitbulls are violent or nasty dogs. That is completely untrue. They are affectionate, gentle, and devoted companions. They will be aggressive if they are trained to be so. It all boils down to the humans who own them.