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12 Grey Dogs with Blue Eyes: Meet the Best Beautiful Breeds

12 Grey Dogs with Blue Eyes: Meet the Best Beautiful Breeds

Blue-eyed dogs are thought to be sophisticated and beautiful. Ask any breeder or your local dog rescue shelter if you don’t believe us.

Most puppies with blue eyes are chosen faster than those with brown or black eyes.

Blue is associated with purity, innocence, and beauty.

Having a dog with blue eyes and a gray coat is like winning the lottery. The color combination is really unique, so your pet will turn heads wherever he goes.

His beauty will blow your mind whether he appears in an ashy tone, deep charcoal, or everything in between.

If you’re looking for a dog with blue eyes, here’s are some of the list of 12 Grey Dogs with Blue Eyes.

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12 Grey Dogs with Blue Eyes

1. Weimaraner

Grey Dogs with Blue Eyes: Weimaraner

Photo from: @weimaraner_sk

The Weimaraner is a well-known hunter in Germany and around the world.

With boundless vitality, he can leap over mountains, take great steps, hike all day, and gallop on hard terrain merely to get prey.

This breed was bred to hunt huge game, thus chasing rabbits, birds, and ducks is a breeze for him. He is rugged, brave, athletic, and has incredible stamina.

Because of their beautiful silver-gray coats, some people refer to Weimaraners as “gray ghosts.”

Some have grayish-blue eyes that complement the coat.

The blue eye color gives the dog that energetic, charming appearance that dog lovers adore.

2. Siberian Husky 

Siberian Husky : Grey Dogs with Blue Eyes

Photo from: @hachi_hebe_husky

One of the breeds with clearly blue eyes is the Siberian Husky.

The breed standard calls for almond eyes that are blue or brown in color.

Both eyes have the option of being brown or blue. One eye can also be blue and the other brown, or both hues can be present in one eye.

This endurance breed has a stunning double coat that ranges in hue from pure white to blue.

When the color of the eyes and the coat are combined, you get an amazingly attractive canine.

Siberian Huskies are also compassionate, bold, adaptable, and energetic, to name a few qualities.

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3. Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd : Grey Dogs with Blue Eyes

Photo from: @lavenderandmac

When it comes to herding, no canine breed beats the Australian shepherd.

He will go to considerable lengths to ensure the safety of his herd. This entails employing techniques such as elbow and hip tossing to control sheep and cows.

Aside from their exceptional abilities, some Aussies have merle coats that can turn a striking gray hue. Blue eyes are almost always provided in such cases.

However, not all merle Aussies have blue eyes; just the bulk of them do.

Amber, brown, or any combination of the two are other eye color options.

4. Old English Sheepdog

Old English Sheepdog : Grey Dogs with Blue Eyes

Photo from: @therealmrmugs

The Old English sheepdog is one of several lovely white and grey dog breeds.

He weighs about 60-100 pounds, yet his fluffy coat gives him the look of a large dog.

He is patient, intelligent, fearless, and devoted; it is no surprise that he is beloved in the United States and around the world.

His eyes are mostly brown, although you might encounter one with blue eyes if you’re lucky.

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5. Chinese Crested

Chinese Crested : Grey Dogs with Blue Eyes

Photo from: @chinopatas

Unlike most grey-furred dogs, the Chinese crested has no fur on his little body.

He just has a few patches on his body (especially the neck, head, socks, feet, and ears).

His skin, on the other hand, can be a lovely gray tint.

With very little fur on the body, this breed requires very little care.

The majority of grey Chinese crested dogs have blue eyes, which add to their beauty, charm, and elegance.

6. Great Dane

Great Dane : Grey Dogs with Blue Eyes

Photo from: @greatdane_lovers

This gentle giant is commonly found in black, fawn, blue, harlequin, and white with black spots all over the body.

He may, however, have a merle coat if he carries the M-locus gene.

Merle coats are popular, with many having solid gray coats or grey with black spots on the body.

All Great Danes are born with blue eyes, but many of them change as they develop.

The Harlequins are those who retain their blue color since it is in their DNA.

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7. American Pitbull Terrier

American Pitbull Terrier : Grey Dogs with Blue Eyes

Photo from:

Brown eyes are characteristic of the American Pitbull terrier. Even yet, genetics and pigmentation can influence the hue.

If your pitbull is descended from a line of blue-eyed dogs, he will most likely have the same eye color.

The Merle gene (M-locus) is frequently responsible for carrying the random pigment that causes the do’s fur, eyes, and nose to lighten.

Other instances, the dog’s melanin levels may have an effect on his eye color.

While most blue-eyed pitties live long and happy lives, others suffer from hearing, albinism, and blindness.

8. French Bulldog 

french bulldog : Grey Dogs with Blue Eyes

Photo from : brunofrenchiesyd

Everyone’s favorite toy dog is the French bulldog. He is laid-back, calm, and affectionate.

All you have to do to make him happy is provide him with adequate food and a comfortable spot to rest his head.

For his energy needs, a walk around the block a few times a week will suffice. What more could you ask for in a dog?

Frenchies come in a variety of coat colors, including brindle, white cream, brindle and white, fawn, fawn and white, cream and white, and others.

Blue, Isabella, and lilac are uncommon colors. These are incredibly appealing and help them stand out from the crowd.

If M-locus and S-locus genes are present, the eyes can also be blue.

The former is more common in merle Frenchies, whereas the latter is more common in piebald Frenchies.

If the dog carries a recessive trait, he will be blue-eyed as well. The gene determines whether one or both of the eyes will be blue.

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9. American Bully

American Bully : Grey Dogs with Blue Eyes

Photo from: @dufflebag_kennel_club

The American bully is a good choice if you want a dog that is both sleek and tiny.

This breed not only looks wonderful in images, but it also performs very well in competitions.

He’s also easy to groom and care for, affectionate, quiet, and fantastic with children.

As a near relative of the American Pitbull terrier, you can bet he has the menacing appearance and persistence that makes him an excellent watchdog.

Bullies in the United States can be of any color. They can also have blue eyes.

Puppies from this species, in fact, have those adorable, innocent blue eyes that we adore.

As they grow older, most of them lose their color as melanin levels rise. If the dog carries the merle gene, one or both of his eyes will remain blue for the rest of his life.

10. Border Collie

Border Collie : Grey Dogs with Blue Eyes

Photo from: @galaxybordercollies

This excellent herding dog from the United Kingdom is well-known for his intelligence. According to several dog experts, he is at the top of the intelligence scale.

A Border Collie will never let you down, whether you want him to learn commands quickly, how to save a baby, or whether fighting with a neighbor’s dog is worth his time.

While not all Border Collies have blue eyes, it is not rare to come across one.

Blue eyes are common in those with the infamous merle gene (those with diluted coats of deeper hues).

Unfortunately, if both parents of a Collie have the merle gene, the pup will be deaf or blind.

Fortunately, most blue-eyed gray Collies, like most other dogs, live long and healthy lives.

11. Dachshund

Dachshund : Grey Dogs with Blue Eyes

Photo from: @rolo_theminidapple

The Dachshund, a determined, robust, and fearless dog, was bred in Germany to hunt vermin and badgers.

His peculiar sausage-shaped form allows him to work underground, and his enlarged rib cage allows him to filter air efficiently.

He must have short legs in order to move quickly and easily.

Some people have the merle gene, which causes light-colored patches to appear against a dark base hue.

Some merle-patterned Dachshunds have partially or totally blue eyes.

Expect nothing less than remarkable beauty, strong energy, and fearlessness from your Dachshund, regardless of coat or eye color.

12. Shetland Shepherd Dog

Shetland Shepherd Dog : Grey Dogs with Blue Eyes

Photo from: @sheltieporo

Last but not least, the Shetland shepherd dog, often known as a sheltie, can have a gray coat.

The merle gene, like many others on this list, is responsible for coloring on the canine’s face and coat.

The gene may also cause the eyes to turn blue.

In most situations, a Sheltie will have one blue eye and one brown or amber eye. In very rare cases, both eyes will be blue.

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Final Thoughts On Grey Dogs with Blue Eyes

Clearly, there are a plethora of Grey Dogs with Blue Eyes. Each one has a unique temperament, appearance, grooming requirements, and health issues.

Once you’ve decided on the type of dog you want for your family, picking the greatest one from this list will be a piece of cake.