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European Doberman Breeders : Everything’s You Need To Know About Them

When you see a sign that says “Puppies from authentic European Doberman Breeders,” you can’t just pull over and cry, “Take my money!” They’re probably not European, and they’re certainly not true.

Who knew it was so difficult to discover decent European Doberman breeders? What’s the big deal about locating a dog breeder? Well, it appears that getting you to the appropriate individuals is a lot of work.

There are countless scams, cons, unethical breeders, phony breeders, and unintentional breeders who will try to sell you a Doberman puppy.

And who can blame them for aspiring to wealth and success? Genuine, respected breeders are either too preoccupied with rearing Dobermans or are too inexperienced to launch a successful advertising effort.

Fake breeders took advantage of this chance and gained popularity among uninformed dog lovers.

Genuine European Doberman breeders are a small community that does not market as much as it could. People assumed they weren’t the real deal because of their lack of interest in advertising.

That is why we will flip the script and show you who you should believe.

How To Spot A True European Doberman: The Tricks That Tell Them Apart

People frequently overlook how small things may be the most significant. A single, little blunder could reveal who’s lurking behind the “Doberman pups for sale” sign.

A genuine European Doberman would never be classified as a Doberman Pinscher.

The only correct way to describe this dog is as a European Doberman or simply as a Doberman. Furthermore, the snout of the Doberman puppy is substantially thicker than that of the Doberman Pinscher.

Do you know about the AKC? The American Kennel Club, indeed! It appears that the fraudulent breeders are either unaware of this group or are too afraid to associate it with their Doberman Pinscher puppies.

Run if you witness a fancy photoshoot with the breeder dressed in a tux and a perfectly primped pup. It’s a trap – a swindle perpetrated by a dishonest Dobie breeder. A genuine European Doberman breeder will have a straightforward outdoor photograph of the dog on a leash.

Descriptions that appear too good to be true almost always are. The majority of the bogus breeders list their Dobermans as having bloodlines from Europe or countries nearby. You should think about it again!

Last but not least, such breeders frequently use working dog titles such as IPO/Schutzhund/IGP to refer to the dog.

Given that this dog breed is frequently employed for personal protection or as a family friend you can rely on, purchasing a Dobermann from a bogus breeder may not be such a good idea.

Is it necessary for me to travel to Europe in order to obtain my Dobermann?

You are not needed to do so, but if you want to… Go ahead and take a chance!

In all seriousness, you don’t have to travel to Europe to acquire a Doberman.

There are legitimate Dobie Breeders in the United States and locations where you can find them. Their progeny are stronger than any European puppy.

When you begin your Doberman hunt, start with these hotspots:

  • The AKC Marketplace
  • American Doberman Pinscher Club (DPCA)
  • Doberman Diversity Initiative
  • Doberman Club of America

Choose the AKC Market Place if you want to be safe. They have all of the most reputable breeders who have all of the necessary certifications and have completed all of the necessary processes.

These breeders perform the same health exams that any other dog breeder would.

On the other hand, the AKC Market Place carries many Doberman Pinschers and seldom some authentic Dobermans.

The DPCA prioritizes lists that include all dog breeders. Your mission is to inspect the PU and HT, where PU is a puppy and HT is a health testing marker.

The Doberman Diversity Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving Dobies’ longevity and disease-fighting abilities.

Finally, the United Doberman Club is not a dog club that accepts puppies. It is the most comprehensive registry of all European Doberman breeders.

Doberman Puppies for Sale: The Most Trustworthy Breeders

Some Doberman breeders have been more successful and well-known than others over the years, owing to their dedication and professionalism. A good breeder must prioritize the health of the dog over all else.

These are the ones that would rather undergo health checks for conditions such as DCM (dilated cardiomyopathy) than continue breeding all year. Indeed, such breeders have a few litters each year, but the quality, not the quantity, is important.

It’s not a bad idea to know who those breeders are:

• Bell’Arsenale (Listed on United Doberman Club and Doberman Diversity Program, based in New York, the owner is Vicky Rotolo Brachfeld)

• One-of-a-kind Dobermans (located in Oregon and listed on the Doberman Diversity Project) carry both the Doberman Pinscher and the Doberman with working dog titles). Jan Whistler-Clark is the proprietor.)

• Del’Agilio Working Doberman (featured on the UDC and specializes in European Dobermans). Frank Delaglio, the company’s owner, is based on Staten Island, New York.)

• Feverhaus Dobermans (they only carry European Dobermans and are on the UDC). Mitch Edley, a Long Island-based breeder, is his name.)

• Masaya Dobermans (the owners of Brandie Williams, Masaya Dobermans, and Kylie Overton, also carry European Dobermans exclusively). They are headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas.)

Photo credit: @doberman life

All of these breeders are from the United States, although some European breeders should be recognized as well. The Altobello Dobermann Kennel is one of them.

The Altobello Dobermann Kennel is located in Europe, Serbia and is well-known for producing excellent Dobermanns!

The family business has grown from one family dog to an association of remarkable Dobermanns who have found homes all around the world.

The Altobello Dobermanns have always been working dogs, but they now prefer to compete in European exhibitions where they can show off their full potential.

Their puppies are bred in accordance with the highest FCI standards. And, yeah, they are quite magnificent!

True European Doberman breeders only produce high-quality puppies to serve and protect. Despite their nasty reputation, Doberman puppies are excellent family members. Fake breeders are to blame for such notoriety.

True Dobermans are devoted companions who will put their owner ahead of all else.


It actually doesn’t matter which Doberman breeder you go with as long as it’s a true European breeder.

What key is that you avoid as many phony breeders and scammers as possible. Naturally, it can be difficult to tell which is a scam and which is not.

However, with a little assistance from our tips and tactics, you’ll be able to recognize the scams in no time.

Obtaining a high-quality Doberman requires some effort, but the end product is well worth the effort. Dobermans are a fantastic addition to your life, whether you want one to be a protection dog, a therapy dog, or simply a family pet.

… And truly unfairly pushed to the periphery of the canine world!