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5 Best Cane Corso Breeders in California! (2022) – Cane Corso Breeder Details

The Cane Corso is a type of dog breed that has only been recognized as a working breed by the AKC in the last ten years. The popularity of this breed has skyrocketed since its entry into the exclusive world of the American Kennel Club (AKC), particularly in California.

These large and commanding dogs have captured the hearts of many people. Even though this dog can be found in competitions and dog parks, finding reputable Cane Corso breeders in California is difficult.

Because these are such strong dogs that can have a variety of health issues, it is critical that you do not purchase this dog from a puppy mill.

Having a Cane Corso puppy who is mentally and physically ill will result in a bad temperament and the possibility of aggression, not to mention health issues. We wanted to assist you in your search for a healthy and happy Cane Corso puppy in California.

We did some research and discovered four reputable breeders in California who have Cane Corso puppies for sale. We did not include any breeders on our list who appeared to be puppy mills.

All of these breeders appear to be reputable; however, before purchasing a puppy, it is always a good idea to do your own research and speak with the breeders. Breeding procedures frequently change, particularly because so many Cane Corso breeders are new.

PuppySpot Cane Corsos California

You’re reading this post because you’re not sure where to go for the best Cane Corso breeders in California. Many people are in the same situation, which is why PuppySpot is at the top of this list. 

PuppySpot helps expedite your search for a Cane Corso puppy by connecting you with all respectable and ethical breeders who already have puppies available.

You are dealing with legitimate Cane Corso breeders who must meet USDA criteria, be certified and registered, and pass the PuppySpot 100-point examination. 

The PuppySpot team screens these Cane Corso breeders carefully, and only about 10% are authorized. If you want to get a Cane Corso puppy from a reputable breeder while dealing with fewer hassles, we recommend PuppySpot.

We purchased one of our puppies from PuppySpot and had a great experience. All of their Cane Corso puppies will be accompanied by a health inspection and guarantee. 

They also only sell puppies that have been born, so you’ll have your Cane Corso quickly and won’t have to wait on a waiting list. If the pup you’re looking for isn’t in California, PuppySpot can safely bring them to you on their own private airline carrier. We strongly advise you to check out.

Cane Corso Breeder Details

Odisseia Cane Corso (Southern California)

Odisseia Cane Corsos is a breeder group that shares its passion for the Cane Corso breed. Because this is a massive and powerful breed, it is not a task that every breeder or dog owner wishes to undertake. 

This is also one of the main reasons why there aren’t a lot of Cane Corso breeders in California.

It can, however, be a lucrative and satisfying endeavor for individuals who understand the breed and know how to breed safely. However, dog breeding is tricky, and you must always connect families with the right dog, or you will end up seeing them in foster or adoptive dog rescues.

Odisseia Cane Corso’s breeders have over ten years of expertise in breeding dogs. One of them has previous experience with huge breeds such as Mastiffs and Rottweilers, which prepared her for this situation.

The breeding enterprise is very new, with its first litters born in 2019 and earlier this year in 2020. They do have a reservation list, and there is a puppy interest form that all interested parties must fill out in order to be placed on the list. 

This breeder in California has a lot of images of their adorable Cane Corso puppies on their website.

There are now no pups available, but a section on the website provides information on scheduled litters. When they are available, Odisseia Cane Corso costs $3500.

Cane Corsos cannot be shipped; they must be picked up in Southern California. If you purchase a Cane Corso from a breeder outside of your immediate area, you will need to figure out how to transport the puppy to you.

One of the interesting aspects of this breeder is that they produce “documentaries.” These are simple films depicting various elements of Cane Corso’s life.

There are also training films for crate training, basic obedience, and other educational dog training clips. This is a great method to show potential owners what life with a Cane Corso is like.

Cane Corso Breeder Details

Dal Cielo Cane Corso (Southern California)

This Cane Corso breeder in California is quite selective when it comes to selling puppies. Cane Corso puppies are not always available, so you’ll have to get on a waiting list and possibly wait a long time.

Dal Cielo Cane Corso has 30 years of breeding experience with this enormous, uncommon, and powerful breed of dog. They are one of California’s oldest Cane Corso breeders, and you can see they adore this dog breed while also understanding that it is not for everyone. 

There is also an air of status that comes with having such a large dog, but the buyer selection process screens out those who are merely looking for status.

They produce quality Cane Corso puppies in California and are members of the AKC’s breeder of excellence program. When they are seeking families for their puppies, they are usually looking for experienced show families. They do, however, sell some Cane Corsos as family pets.

When they post a litter announcement, they specify whether or not the litter includes companion puppies. If you are determined to get a Cane Corso puppy from this breeder, you may have to wait a long time. 

Especially if you want a puppy companion, the wait will be worthwhile in the end because you will have a high-quality Cane Corso puppy that has been temperament and health tested to ensure that it meets your requirements.

Cane Corso Breeder Details

  • California: Southern California. One hour north of Los Angeles, California.
  • Email:
  • Website: Dal Cielo Cane Corso California
  • Telephone: 805-529-4384

Potrero Cane Corso (Northern California)

Potrero Cane Corsos is a leading breeder of Cane Corsos for the show ring. In fact, they were named one of California’s finest Cane Corso breeders in 2020. However, they did not begin this way and instead studied breeding procedures to make an ideal dog.

Initially, all they wanted was a dog to protect the family and property while also getting along with invited guests. They also desired that the dog be highly socialized, with little fear or anxiety in daily life. 

The breeder was accepted into the AKC shortly after they received their first Cane Corso. They began competing in dog shows with their Cane Corso, and the rest is history.

They are now a prominent breeder with several Cane Corso puppy programs degrees. They also have a guardian program; however, families must first be trained and approved before a dog can be put. 

Because this dog breed is so strong and powerful, and because this breeder is so well-known in the show ring, they have high expectations for all of their Cane Corso puppies in Northern California.

Each potential dog owner must undergo an interview process to obtain a Cane Corso puppy from this breeder. The waiting list for all of the upcoming 2020 litters is presently full.

However, if you want to be on the waiting list for 2021, the interview process will begin in February. Send an email to the breeder at the address listed below to schedule an interview.

In California, their Cane Corso puppies cost $3500. This is a typical price offered by other respected breeders. They do, however, have what they call an “advanced puppy program.”

This is a program into which only five puppies per litter are accepted. At five months old, the puppies are ready to go home with all of their basic training completed, including toilet training. This program has a cost of $6500. This is, without question, one of California’s most respected Cane Corso breeders.

Cane Corso Breeder Details

Garmr Cane Corso (Northern California)

This is a Cane Corso breeder who began in the same way as the Potrero Cane Corso. They needed a companion for their Great Dane and purchased their first Cane Corso from Potrero Cane Corso. 

They were sure that showcasing their first Cane Corso was the best way to proceed after seeing how lovely and well-behaved she was.

Once their existing Cane Corso in California had gained a championship, breeding her with another champion was an obvious next step. This marked the beginning of the Garmr Cane Corso breeding operation in Northern California.

While they are not like Potrero Cane Corso in that most of their Cane Corso puppies are sold from companion bloodlines, they have some puppies placed with experienced show owners.

There is a procedure when it comes to owning one of these Cane Corso puppies in California. The breeders will approve all potential owners, and their puppies will be chosen to fit their lifestyle and temperament. They want to ensure that the family and the dog are a suitable match and that the dog does not end up in a shelter.

We were unable to check the price of their puppies, but they are likely around $3,500; nonetheless, you will need to contact the breeder for confirmation. 

Even in California, they do not ship Cane Corso puppies, so if you reside outside of the area, you will need to make travel arrangements to pick up your puppy.

Cane Corso Breeder Details

Final Thoughts for Cane Corso Breeders in California

Cane Corso pups in California are a relatively new dog breed that has grown in popularity as a result of AKC approval. They are a huge dog breed that can weigh up to 90 pounds. 

We hope you’ve discovered the best Cane Corso breeder in California for your next Cane Corso puppy! They make excellent guard dogs with a reasonably gentle temperament when properly trained. They also usually get along nicely with children and other family members.