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Black Pitbull: 3 Things Everyone Knows That You Don’t

Black Pitbull: 3 Things Everyone Knows That You Don’t

Will pitbulls’ negative reputation ever be erased?

Despite being one of the most faithful dogs on the market, black Pitbulls are still on the fringes with huge, courageous hearts. But, unfortunately, many dog lovers will never consider buying one of these good boys because of all the preconceptions.

The most common misconception is that black Pitbulls are violent dogs who always attack first. The second reason is that they were initially utilized for dogfighting and hunting.

All of them are entirely incorrect and simply overblown assumptions.

Black Pitbulls are just as sweet as any other color Pitbull. Pitbulls outperform other popular dog breeds in every way, thanks to their intelligence, compassionate hearts, and extraordinary training abilities.

Today, we will explain the mastery of black Pitbull and try to dispel those prejudices for good.

What is a Black Pitbull?

black pitbull

Photo from : @mercedexbentley

A black pitbull dog with a solid black coat is descended from powerful parent dog breeds such as the American Pitbull Terrier and American Staffordshire Terrier (Amstaff) Staffy.

Despite their different hue, black Pitbulls have the same disposition as to all other Pitbulls.

Pitbulls, which bred for dogfighting and other bloodsports in the past, now have a powerful jaw that can cause a lot of damage if they want to.

Unfortunately, this may be one of the reasons why people dislike them so much.

Black Pitbulls are just like any other breed of dog. If they are not adequately trained and socialized, they can become aggressive.

Contrary to popular belief, black Pitbulls are among the best family pets ever. They could become your next best buddies if you give them a chance.

What Is the Appearance of An All-Black Pitbulls?

Black Pitbulls are canines with a solid black coat, as the name suggests. This all adds up to them looking menacing, but they’re incredibly kind and loving dogs.

A full-grown Pitbull can stand 17 to 19 inches tall and weigh 30 to 85 pounds. These canines have a lot of muscle and are pretty athletic. However, some people are more prominent and more elevated than others. Pitbulls are good guard dogs because of this.

They’re show stoppers with prominent cheekbones, plump noses, big heads, and dark eyes.

Is it rare to find a black Pitbull dog?

black pitbull

Photo from : @bullscreator

Pitbulls come in a variety of colors. They come in different colors and shades, such as black, blue, red, white, patterned, and color shades. The black color is the most sought-after since many people believe it is pretty unusual.

In actuality, black Pitbulls are not uncommon; they are quite frequent. However, they aren’t as popular as white Pitbulls or the Merle Pitbull, which is the rarest of all.

Certain black Pitbulls are seen as unusual because certain breeders take advantage of new pet owners and overprice their dogs.

Pitbulls With Blue Eyes (Panther Black Pitbulls)

It’s not rare to see black Pitbulls with blue eyes. Most dog species are born with this eye color, which may not change as the dog grows older.

According to geneticist Kristopher Irizarry, dogs with blue eyes don’t have any eye color at all. As a result of the same optical illusion that causes the sky and sea to appear different colors.

The following are three reasons why black Pitbulls may have blue eyes:

  • Melanin concentrations. Melanin is a skin pigment that we attribute to the lightness and blackness of a Pitbull’s skin and eyes. Low melanin production or pigmentation loss results in lighter brown or blue eyes.
  •  Genetic biology. The merle gene is another reason Pitbulls might have blue eyes (M-locus). This gene causes the pigments in the nose, eyes, fur, and other body parts to be diluted or lightened. However, not all Pitbulls who carry the merle gene will have these eye characteristics.
  • ALX4 Gene. This genetic mutation is also linked to the color of the eyes of some black Pitbulls. If the mutation is close to the gene ALX4, the eyes are more likely to be blue.

The majority of black Pitbulls with blue eyes will probably be healthy. Even so, a small fraction will experience health issues due to their blue eyes.

The following are some conditions that may influence your Pitbull with blue eyes:

  • Deafness 
  • Blindness 
  • Albinism 
  • Cataracts

What Differentiates a Black Pitbull Terrier From Other Pitbulls.

black pitbull

Photo from : @blackpitbull_iwing

The black Pitbull is not a distinct breed of dog. It’s a Pitbull, just like the others. However, some characteristics distinguish this attractive Pittie from others.

Due to their involvement in dogfighting, bull-baiting, bear-baiting, and other blood sports, black Pitbulls exhibit the following characteristics:

  • they have great guard instincts and hunting skills  
  • they have beautiful and confident movements 
  • they are easy to train

These characteristics demonstrate how powerful Pitbulls are.

On the other hand, a trained black Pitbull can efficiently function as the gentlest companion dog ever.

Is the AKC aware of the black coat color?

black pitbull

Photo from : @hismajestykingzion

Pitbulls are a controversial breed. Various dog specialists do not recognize Pitbulls as a dog breed because Pitbull is only an umbrella term for many purebred and mixed breed dogs.

Because Black Pitbulls are the progeny of the American Staffordshire Terrier and the American Pitbull Terrier, subsequent discussion will focus on their breed standard colors as determined by various kennel associations.

American Pitbull Terrier

The United Kennel Club (UKC) has recognized the American Pitbull Terrier since 1898.

Except for merle, the standard colors of the American Pitbull Terrier (APBT) are practically all of them. Unfortunately, black Pitbulls are also recognized as a dog breed. 

However, the American Kennel Club does not accept the American Pitbull Terrier as a canine breed.

Staffordshire Terrier (American Staffordshire Terrier).

On the other hand, the American Kennel Club (AKC) approved the Staffordshire Bull Terrier in 1936. This breed’s official colors are any solid color or any patches.

Pure white types or those containing more than 80% white, black and tan, or liver are not permitted. As a result, black Pitbulls of this breed are also recognized.

Genetics of the Black Pitbull Dog

Pitbulls can thank their ancestors for their beautiful rich black coat color.

So let’s go over some fundamental canine genetics today, shall we?

There are two types of pigments in dogs. The first is a black pigment known as eumelanin. The red dye, or pheomelanin, is the second type. 

These colors are modified by the dog’s DNA, which they inherit from their parents.

The dominant black gene, called the K locus, controls the coat color of black Pitbulls.

The K locus contains three distinct gene variants or alleles:

  • KB, also known as dominant black
  •  kbr, also known as brindle
  • kbr, also known as brindle

We appreciate that this all seems a little perplexing, especially if you have no prior knowledge of dog genetics. However, if you spend some time with dogs and learn about dog breeding, you will quickly realize how dog genes work.

To put it simply, the existence of the KBky and KBKB genes results in solid black coat color. Therefore, these K locus combinations might give your pet a black coat.

Do the dog’s health and behavior suffer from the black coloring?

black pitbull

Photo from : @pfl_knl

There are no previous research or publications to suggest that a Pitbull’s color impacts its health.

We cannot assert that the black coloration influences the black Pitbull’s behavior or health.

However, if you train your dog in such a way that he believes he is a tough dog, all because of the incorrect assumption that black Pitbulls are dangerous, your Pitbull may act aggressively.

Pitbulls suffer significantly as a result of black dog syndrome. They can be the loveliest Pitties globally, but if the owner identifies the dog as aggressive due to its color, not many future dog owners will want to purchase that dog.

The temperament of a solid black pitbulls

Black Pitbulls have the same disposition as their lighter-colored siblings. These dogs are bright, fearless, friendly, and devoted to their owners.

Here are some of the black Pitbull’s best personality features to be aware of:

  • They are full of energy and passion.
  • They’re self-assured dogs who aren’t aggressive by nature.
  • Despite their short attention spans, they are fast learners.
  • They are obedient to their owners.
  • When provoked, they will not back down.
  • They have an excellent desire for attention; therefore, you should always engage them in your activities.

Black Pitbulls are lively canines who like learning new skills. Learning assists them in remaining disciplined.

Pitbulls enjoy playing with toys, particularly chew toys. Give them chew toys that are tough enough for them to nibble on. They have powerful jaws and a great desire to be challenged by cool dog toys.

Black Pitbull Health

black pitbull

Photo from : @oakleybeaford

Although black Pitbulls are strong dogs, they are not immune to various health hazards. They still have the same health issues as regular Pitbulls.

The following are some of the most frequent health problems:

  • Allergies: coats and skin Coat and skin allergies are among the most severe health issues for black Pitbulls, owing to their short hair. To avoid such problems, dog owners should groom their canines regularly. Bug repellents applied to the dog’s skin also perform wonders.
  • Cataracts: Black Pitbulls, particularly those with blue eyes, are prone to eye disorders, most notably cataracts. This is a hereditary disorder, but it can also be caused by diabetes, hypocalcemia, or uveitis. Medicine should take care of it, but an eye procedure is required in severe cases.
  • Cardiovascular illness: Some black Pitbulls are prone to cardiovascular disease. Unfortunately, this condition has absolutely no symptoms, making it difficult to detect. On the other hand, regular vet visits should assist you in figuring out what’s wrong with your dog.
  • Dysplasia of the hips and elbows: Your black Pitbull’s movement is restricted since he has hip and elbow dysplasia. Climbing the stairs, jogging, or simply strolling becomes challenging for these dogs. This is also a hereditary health issue that can avoid via healthy breeding.
  • Ichthyosis: This thickening of the dog’s coat and footpads is similar to fish scales and dandruff.
  • Cerebellar Ataxia: This health problem manifests as an imbalance and a lack of coordination. Cerebellar ataxia causes tremors, shaky gain, and uncoordinated movements in dogs.

Black Pitbull Price: Do Black Pitbulls Cost More Than Other Pitbulls?

black pitbull

Black Pitbull

Photo from : @say_hello_barley

Black Pitbulls can be purchased for a low or high price like any other dog breed. It is entirely dependent on the breed of dog you seek.

Black Pitbulls often sell for $800 to $1,000. There is no discernible difference between this pricing and other Pitbull prices.

If you’re on a limited budget, sometimes you may buy a black Pitbull for as little as $100 to $500, but be aware that those pups will be of poor quality. They will make excellent pets, but bad breeding may impact their health or lifetime.

A black Pitbull from a good lineage will cost you between $1,000 and $2,000. Some breeders will go as much as $10,000! Those are either high-quality pups or insanely costly substandard dogs.

Where Can I Find An All Black Pitbulls For Sale?

The most exciting aspect of obtaining a black Pitbull is, of course, the purchasing procedure. But where on earth can you find a black Pitbull puppy? Well, almost everywhere.

Several dog breeders sell high-quality black Pitbulls. As previously said, black Pitbulls are not as uncommon as white Pitbulls, so locating one in your neighborhood will not be as difficult as you may believe.

Before you go to the store or call a breeder, consider the following reminders:

  • If feasible, conduct a background check to guarantee that the puppies are genuine.
  • Avoid purchasing pricey pups. There’s nothing particularly unique about black Pitbulls that makes them such high-priced pets. They’re great pets but not show-stopping stuff worth thousands of dollars.
  • It would be best to tell me the difference between a black Pitbull and a blue Pitbull. These two are virtually the same hue. Some unethical breeders may even fool you into thinking you’re getting a black Pitbull when it’s a blue Pittie.

1. XXL Designer Pitbulls

XXL Designer Pitbulls, or XDP, is a cutting-edge facility that breeds black Pitbulls. Contacting these folks is your best choice if you want an XL or XXL-sized Pitbull. All of the canines at this facility are well-trained and obedient. They were nurtured in an ideal environment, making them pleasant and non-aggressive.

2.Unleashed Kennels

Unleashed Kennels is another Pitbull breeding business that has received many positive evaluations from dog owners. Their Pitbulls have calm temperaments. 

Unleashed Kennels has locations in Michigan, Kansas, and California. They offer an open-door policy for prospective clients, and you are welcome to visit them at any time.

3. Kennels were built of artificial materials

Man-made Kennels has been breeding Pitbulls for ten years. They transport puppies worldwide and are highly involved in the transition of their Pitbulls to their new owners.

Each member of their crew has several years of expertise teaching Pitbulls, so you can be confident that your dog will be well-behaved.

4. McNamara Pit Bull Kennels

McNamara has a variety of Pitbull pups available, including black ones. They say that the lineages of their Pitbulls are “world-renowned and time-tested.” They also make sure that their canines are not mated with other breeds.

5. Mugleston’s Pitbull Farm

Mugleston’s Pitbull Farm provides Pitbull pick-up and delivery across the United States.

They raise Pitbull puppies in the house for the first several months of their existence. Later, they are relocated to Pitbull kennels outdoors, where they are given the most outstanding care imaginable.

Where Can I Find All Black Pitbulls For Adoption?

black pitbull

Photo from : @gamebredkennels_australia

Adopting is always the most fantastic choice since you save a Pitbull from the streets and provide it a lifetime home. What could be better?

If you can’t locate a purebred Pitbull, you may always ask to see various Pitbull mixes, such as those with German Shepherd, Labrador Retriever, Cane Corso, Mastiff, and so forth.

Some of the top rescue groups in the United States may be found right here. So if you’re hunting for a rescue black Pitbull, have their phone numbers on fast dial.

1. Misspits Rescue.

Misspits Rescue’s mission is to assist Pitbulls neglected or abused. All of the Misspits dogs have been spayed or neutered, treated for parasites, as well as up to date on their vaccines, and ready for you to offer them some love.

2.Tough Love Pitbull Rescue.

Tough Love is a network of Pitbull enthusiasts that volunteer in Arizona, California, and Washington. They rescue Pitbulls, teach them basic canine instructions, and even train them to go pee!

3. Rescue Me!

Rescue Me is a website for dog owners may advertise their pets for adoption. This website sells not just Pitbulls but also other dog breeds.

4. Bobbie’s Pit Bull Rescue & Sanctuary.

This sanctuary attempts to rescue, rehabilitate, and place neglected Pitties in permanent homes. 

What’s impressive about this rescue facility is that they go to the potential dog owner’s house and assess whether or not they are the proper person to adopt.

5. (ASPCA).

Who hasn’t heard of the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) and all that they do?

Their adoption facilities in New York and Los Angeles maybe your best bet for finding a black Pitbull dog in need of a home.

Are There Any Differences Between Male and Female Black Pitbulls

black pitbull

Photo from : @pfl_knl

When buying or adopting a dog, all potential owners do one thing: look at the dog’s gender. There is a substantial difference between a male and a black female Pitbull.

Female Pitbulls are often shorter and lighter. The only thing bigger/longer about them is their back.

Female black Pitbulls have slimmer skulls and tighter lips than males. Their eyes are also slightly apart, unlike male Pitbulls.

Unneutered males are more aggressive than any black female Pitbull in disposition. This is readily remedied if your dog is fixed. Fortunately, the hostility is exclusively directed towards different dog breeds.

Both male and female black Pitbulls make excellent companions.

Black Nose Pitbull vs. Red Nose Pitbull vs. Blue Nose Pitbull

The AKC permits all nose colors, including black nose Pitbulls. The red nose Pitbull and blue nose Pitbull are approved and registered with the AKC.

The AKC prefers the black nose color over the other two.

White And Black Pitbull

White And Black Pitbull

White And Black Pitbull

Photo from : @pabluntsphoenix

Pitbulls with white or black fur have a distinct coat color. Because most Pitbulls have black as a prominent color, we can claim that these Pitbulls are not as uncommon as you may believe.

Like other Pitbulls, they have a sleek, short, and shiny coat. However, they’re highly muscular and athletic. Their eyes are keen, and their ears are pointed.

These Pitbulls might have black and white coats with specks, enormous white patterns, or even tints across the body. There is no standard black-to-white ratio.

In terms of nature, health problems, and upbringing, white and black Pitbulls are the same as any other Pitbull.

My final thoughts

black pitbull

Photo from : @kingcreed_20

The black Pitbull has a negative reputation for no reason. But, unfortunately, their days of battling in blood sports are long gone. When will future dog owners comprehend this?

Pitbulls are more than just tough-looking dogs. They’re adorable dogs and giant sweethearts with the sweetest smiles ever.

Black Pitbulls can be security dogs or watchdogs, but they’re far better at being a loving family member.

The all-black coat distinguishes these Pitbulls from other dogs. They’re not black and white or black with a hint of brown. Black Pitbulls are all black Pitbulls!

These canines have a powerful jaw, which makes them highly scary.

However, if socialized and appropriately taught, black Pitbulls exhibit no symptoms of hostility.

You’ve learned what black Pitbulls are, how to find a breeder, and what type of pups these lovely males are.

It’s time for you to discover what it’s like to live with a black Pitbull.